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Spiritual Awakening – Is Life one Big Dream?

Experiencing a spiritual awakening is a life changing experience. Once you have a spiritual awakening your life is likely to change for the better and you will never think the way that you did before. Once you realize that the inner and outer are intertwined things will become so much clearer in life and you are… Read More »

Hollywood Showcases Its Near-Death Experiences

Hollywood stars confess that fame and wealth are not what really makes them happy. Movie icons who have had gone through Near-Death Experiences (NDE) declare that fame and awards were not important at the moment of “death”.  They confess that love and family were the only thing that matter to them at what they thought was the end of their days.  These experiences made many of the “bad boys” of… Read More »

Can Science Explain Near Death Experiences

Thousand and thousands of people have experienced Near Death Experiences. Even some of Hollywood’s most A-List celebrities have admitted to these supernatural, most spiritual of experiences such as seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Refresh your memory on these Hollywood stars’ experiences. Very rarely, however, have scientists studied the functions of the brain during… Read More »

Seeding the Prosperity Bank

by Dikki Jo Mullen Editors Note: I found the following article on seeding the prosperity bank thanks to a link in the Silva UltraMind online community. It’s wonderfully written and helps remind us of a few important universal truths. While reading through the stack of magazines at the neighborhood coin laundry recently, I came across… Read More »

The God Theory

Can you beleive in the creation of the universe,  the Big Bang and God? Can you beleive in spirituality AND science. The answer is yes. Bestsellers by Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have denounced the evils of religion and proclaimed that science has proven that there is no God. Their angry accusations are partially correct. Religions… Read More »

Understanding the Psychic Intelligence

Steve Pavlina wrote a great article a few months ago about Psychic Intelligence – what it is, why certain people experience it more than others and what it’s components might be. Here’s the article ~ Editor In addition to logical intelligence, emotional intelligence, and various other forms of intelligence, we have psychic intelligence. Psychic intelligence… Read More »

The Power of Belief

What you believe to be, is. As simple as that and as complex, for once you understand that statement, freedom is yours. A belief is mental acceptance of something as being true. That acceptance can be based on trust for an authority, on reason, or on prejudice. A belief can also be a thing that… Read More »

Spiritual guidance help

You might have heard about higher self but you may not have any idea about it and how it is beneficial for you. If this is the case then there is something really special for you to understand because higher self is linked with your own soul or can be regarded as your spirit. If… Read More »