Interview with Larry Plato

Jacob of recently interviewed Larry Plato, a graduate of several Silva seminars and one of the experienced voices on the Silva UltraMind community on

Here is the unedited inteview where Larry discusses his experiences with Silva and the events in his life that lead to his interest in spirituality.

1. Can you tell when and how you came to know of the Silva Method and why have you studied it?

I was working as a Locomotive Engineer coming into Port Huron, Michigan. We were staying at the Huron Hotel and there were some classes being held there. I talked with the Instructor during several brakes and found when the next class was being held, and made arrangements to attend.

As to why? All my life I have had strange thing happen and at that time I was looking for answers.

2. What benefits did you experience from the Silva Method in the short term after taking the course?

Better working relationships, My wife had left on 5 April 1974 and taken our 4 children to Houston, Texas. and in the spring of 75 asked for a divorce. I filed and on October 5 of 1975 was granted a divorce and I was given custody of the children. In July I took my eleven year old son to Port Huron and another Silva Class Which was very helpful for me and his mother.

3. How did Silva Method influence your life in the long term?

Being able to pick up thoughts from others. I became certified to teach the Silva relaxation seminars and was verbally authorized by Jose Silva to use the first half of the Basic Lecture series in my relaxation seminars. It made life better by being able to solve problems before they became problems.

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