Why Religion and Spirituality are Very Different Things

Burt Goldman explains the concept of God, Religion and Spirituality and explains why he thinks Religious Dogma is Harmful and Absurd. One thing I like about this video is that Burt isn’t scared of tackling a sensitive topic in such a direct manner, he talks about conroversial issues such as spirituality versus religion, the law of attraction and The Secret in a way that many others wouldn’t dare.

In this exclusive video Burt Goldman’s talks in his finest wisdom on the difference between spirituality and religion, and his concept of God. He sings the praises of spirituality, whilst at the same time expressing his concerns of “dogma” in religion.

Who is God? What is God?

Burt Goldman has trained with spiritual gurus and interacted with religious leaders all over the world. He shares his views based on his 50 year journey of spirituality in understanding who God truly is.


“Experience is what God is” – Burt Goldman

About Burt Goldman


It was in 1975 that Burt Goldman, a practicing hypnotist, heard about Jose Silva. Always a seeker he wanted to see if Silva’s Mind Control training was anything like what he himself was doing.


goldmanAs a hypnotist his primary objectives were to motivate people to do the things they only dreamed about doing. Hypnosis, when handled correctly, did just that. He noted that the Silva Mind Control method was a form of hypnosis, well that was right up his alley. He joined Jose’s organization and shortly became the number one instructor in the worldwide organization.

Noting that many of the concepts fell a bit short of their potential he asked Jose Silva to allow him to write a manual for the thousand or so instructors teaching around the world at that time. With Jose’s approval he co-wrote the instructors manual that became a veritable bible on how to present a seminar for many of the instructors. The name of the manual, that ultimately turned into a book for the general public, was Better and Better.

In 1980, after achieving every goal he had set for himself, Burt retired, joined a country club, played golf for eight months and discovered he needed more out of life. People were clamoring for him to come back. His retirement ended abruptly, Burt created Supermind, a two day seminar that featured, and was based on, the 7 basic principles of Hermes. Supermind was a sensation. Burt taught the class all over the US and Europe. He trained others to do the seminar and soon, SuperMente was being offered throughout South America.

His active mind, seldom at rest, created other seminars. He trained people in hypnosis, and for ten years educated thousands of hypnotherapists who use his methods in Greece, Switzerland, England, Austria, Holland, France, and most major cities in the U.S. Along the way he picked up more and more knowledge and with the hermetic principles to guide him he became a feng shui master, an NLP trainer, and a teacher of psychic healing.

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