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The Passion Test: Chris and Janet Attwood on the Morning Show

Chris and Janet Attwood Discuss The Passion Test on the Morning Show A few entries ago, some personal friends of mine, Chris and Janet Attwood released their book “The Passion Test” which surged very quickly up many bestseller lists around the world. In this enlightening video, Chris and Janet talk about how The Passion Test… Read More »

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

A Last Lecture on how to Achieve Your Childhood Dreams Have you ever asked yourself what sort of a legacy you would leave for a future generation? For some, this may be just be an insightful excercise. But for Professor Randy Pausch, he’s felt the need to leave a legacy sooner than most. You see,… Read More »

Spiritual Awakening – Is Life one Big Dream?

Experiencing a spiritual awakening is a life changing experience. Once you have a spiritual awakening your life is likely to change for the better and you will never think the way that you did before. Once you realize that the inner and outer are intertwined things will become so much clearer in life and you are… Read More »

Can Science Explain Near Death Experiences

Thousand and thousands of people have experienced Near Death Experiences. Even some of Hollywood’s most A-List celebrities have admitted to these supernatural, most spiritual of experiences such as seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Refresh your memory on these Hollywood stars’ experiences. Very rarely, however, have scientists studied the functions of the brain during… Read More »

How to Start Embracing Change

Change HAPPENS! Here’s 5 solid tips on how you can start embracing life’s sudden diversions.   Ever had a day where you woke up feeling ’stuck’? Has life thrown you an irony that’s totally thrown your life as you know it completely off course? Want to know how to deal with it? More than likely,… Read More »

Scott Adams Affirmations

Editor’s Note: I’ve been a Dilbert fan for a long time now. I picked up Scott Adam’s hilarious book The Dilbert Future a few years ago thinking I was buying a comic book. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that Scott Adams had shared a powerful and moving story on affirmations within it’s pages.… Read More »