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The Man Who Remembers Forever

Here’s a positively fascinating article from the archives of CNN on how one man’s incredible memory might unlock the secrets of our infinite minds.   Amazing memory man never forgets LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (AP) — For as long as he can remember, Brad Williams has been able to recall the most trifling dates and details… Read More »

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Do Schools Kill Our Kids’ Creativity?

This is a truly gripping 20 minute speech which seeks to put all the wrong doings of education right by cultivating our children’s creativity rather than killing it. Sir Ken Robinson, knighted by the Queen in 2003 for achievements in creativity, education and the arts, is an English gentleman with a charming wit and repartee that… Read More »

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6 Ways To Master Difficult Subject Matter

Editor’s Note: The Capacity of our mind to learn new subject matter and subject matter which is extremely difficult to grasp is truly staggering. However, are we using the right methods to learn to our full potential? I found an article on a very alternative approach to learning which after racking my brains for ages… Read More »

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