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Brain waves pattern themselves after rhythms of nature.

Here’s some research from the University of Chicago discussing how brainwaves pattern themselves after rhythms of nature. Jose Silva, founder of the Silva Method, was one of the first few proponents in using Alpha waves in order to achieve a relaxed and meditative state for learning and comprehension.   Brain waves pattern themselves after rhythms… Read More »

What Emotions Smell…

The Scene of Memories I was taken aback recently by a memory I had of as a teenager learning how to bake. Recently, I was treated to a lunch at a local cafe that specialized in pastries and other wonderful carbohydrates. Suddenly, an overwhelming wave of nostalgia hit me as I recognized the delicious scent… Read More »

Most Passionate Filmmaker Ever? Giving Up $250 Million For Transformation.

How did a simple street artist go from painting grains of rice to directing a movie with two Oscar Winning Legends? The answer to this question can be summarized in one word- chutzpah (and barrel loads of it at that!) I’m guessing a few of you don’t know this term- it means audacity or nerve. The classic definition… Read More »

The Pursuit of Happiness

Did you know it’s possible to synthesise your own happiness?. Dan Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard, discusses modern man’s pursuit of happiness in this scintillating video. He first shares Sir Thomas Browne’s view written way back in 1642: “I am the happiest man alive. I have that in me that can convert poverty to… Read More »

Computer Game Tests for Telepathy

SCIENTISTS are using computer technology to play mind games in a bid to probe the mysteries of the paranormal. Researchers at Manchester University have created a virtual world to test for evidence of telepathic links between 100 people in what is being described as the most objective study undertaken so far. Volunteer pairs, including best… Read More »

Bad Vibes Might Ruin Your Computer

I have a relative who just can’t seem to keep her computer working. Since she received her new laptop it’s gone bust 3 times in 3 years. Circuits would fry, CD drives would stop working and Windows and would spit our annoying errors and crash just before important deadline. This article I found may explain… Read More »

What is the Power of Mind

If you’re like most people in today’s world, you don’t think about your mind very much. You may pay attention to things like the latest news on whether or not cell phones cause brain cancer, but other than that, your brain is probably very low on your list of priorities. In actuality, your mind should… Read More »

How to stop negative thoughts

There’s an old saying that “the fight is won and lost before either army enters the field.” More often than not we are defeated by our negative thoughts well before we actually fail at achieving our goals in life. Thoughts are powerful things, and thoughts that revolve around why the supposed reasons why something won’t… Read More »