Understanding the Psychic Intelligence

Steve Pavlina wrote a great article a few months ago about Psychic Intelligence – what it is, why certain people experience it more than others and what it’s components might be. Here’s the article ~ Editor

In addition to logical intelligence, emotional intelligence, and various other forms of intelligence, we have psychic intelligence. Psychic intelligence is a measure of how intuitively perceptive you are and how willing you are to trust and act on those perceptions.

Here are some key components of psychic intelligence.


There are certain colors I cannot perceive because I’m colorblind. When I look at what other people refer to as the color purple, all I see is dark blue. I can’t even imagine purple — how do I imagine a color I’ve never seen before?

Unless you’re blind or colorblind, your color intelligence is like magic to me. You probably don’t even know how you do it. You just know. You can patiently explain to me the difference between purple and blue, but I just won’t get it. I can look at the same images you see but only detect a subset of the information you can detect. Sometimes I’m tempted to label people who claim to perceive clearly fictional colors like purple as crazy or deluded. You must be on drugs or something. There is no purple!

You can try to prove to me that purple exists, but I may only half-believe you. I won’t even look at your data because you’re so obviously wrong.

This (albeit exaggerated) story of my color perception is how many people regard psychic intelligence.

I have friends that vehemently deny the existence of psychic phenomena. They don’t believe we have a valid sixth sense because they have no personal experience with it. I generally don’t waste time trying to convince them otherwise because from their perspective, they’re right. That would be like trying to convince a deaf person that she could really hear. Such people often regard those who believe in psychic phenomena as crazy, deluded, or naive… just like I do with those purple-pushing fanatics. ;)

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