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Sonja Lyubomirksy: ‘The How of Happiness: A Practical Guide to Getting the Life You Want.’

Positive Psychology? The recent Authors@Google talks have produced some of the most enlightening talks available on the Internet. One such talk I came across comes from Sonja Lyubomirsky, Professor of Psychology at the University of California . She’s a ‘positive’ psychologist that proposes a few life-changing strategies that you can employ to achieving a regular… Read More »

How Strong is The Power of Expectation?

This wonderful article explains how the expectation that we have about other people influences their behavior. We behave in different ways with people according to the idea that we have created of them. The good news are that we can use the power of expectation to influence positively other people. This means that we can adopt a more positive attitude to… Read More »

Most Passionate Filmmaker Ever? Giving Up $250 Million For Transformation.

How did a simple street artist go from painting grains of rice to directing a movie with two Oscar Winning Legends? The answer to this question can be summarized in one word- chutzpah (and barrel loads of it at that!) I’m guessing a few of you don’t know this term- it means audacity or nerve. The classic definition… Read More »

How to Get Better Results with the Law of Attraction by Using Jose Silva’s Rules of Programming

Everyone’s talking about the Law of Attraction ever since the movie “The Secret” was released to the world. Even Oprah did two shows on the subject in Feb 2007. But according to Jose Silva, the famous mind researcher and founder of the Silva Method, there are specific “Rules” that help you get better results. The… Read More »

The Secret on Oprah

It looks like the “Law of Attraction” is finally becoming a house-hold word. On Thursday, Feb 8, Oprah, the queen of talk-shows, interviewed select cast members from the hit documentary film, the Secret. For those of you living in a closet the last few months – the Secret is a phenomenal movie that interviews key… Read More »

Self-Control is the Key to Success

AROUND 1970, psychologist Walter Mischel launched a classic experiment. He left a succession of 4-year-olds in a room with a bell and a marshmallow. If they rang the bell, he would come back and they could eat the marshmallow. If, however, they didn’t ring the bell and waited for him to come back on his… Read More »