The Inner Explorations of a Doctor & Psychologist

Dr. Leonard Nijssen shares this story with us.

Doctor Leonard Nijsen has doctorates in the field of Optometry (3countries), a B.S. in Psychology and various other minor degrees. He is also a leading member of Mensa.

“In 1972, I was in a bad shape physically, mentally and emotionally, just having come out of a bad marriage and a nasty divorce. Over a few years before my divorce I had acquired:

  • Migraine headaches that went to tunnel vision (interesting experience when I was driving in the fast lane on the freeway) and I was taking prescription medication three times a day for this.
  • A LONG list of allergies for which I was also taking prescription medication three times a day for this. These allergies included dust, pollen and cattle hair.
  • My nerves were in a VERY bad shape, my hands were shaking constantly like in palsy and I was also taking prescription medication three times a day for that.

Failing to take the medication timely I would get an asthma like attack in which I would sit with my mouth open gasping for air.

One weekend in the spring I wanted to “get away” and decided to go to a ranch of friends where I helped them gather overgrown calves to be branded. I was wearing a sheepskin jacket, of course on horseback,
LOT’s of dust and LOT’s of pollen. NO ALLERGIC REACTION !!! Oops, something does not fit the medical findings.

Shortly after that, one of my friends suggested that I participate in a Silva Mind Control training offered in San Francisco. This, at the time, was Tuesday evening through Friday evening plus Saturday and Sunday all day.

On the second evening the “headache control” technique was offered and I immediately thought: “If it can control headaches, it can also control nerves and allergies since they are frequently related.” That very same evening I stopped all medications and got rid of all three conditions.
Now, at age 70 and after 34 years, I have not head a single headache, no allergies and my hands are as steady as a neuro surgeon.

This success in 1972 started me on the road to seriously explore “the mind”, it’s capabilities and other (supposedly) para-psychological aspects.

While I can give you a quite long list of experiences and successes I will limit this to the above and below listed aspects.

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