Computer Game Tests for Telepathy

SCIENTISTS are using computer technology to play mind games in a bid to probe the mysteries of the paranormal.

Researchers at Manchester University have created a virtual world to test for evidence of telepathic links between 100 people in what is being described as the most objective study undertaken so far.

Volunteer pairs, including best friends, work colleagues and husbands and wives, have spent hours immersed in what appears to be a life-sized computer game, in a new twist to the old Zener card symbol experiment.

Wearing a 3D “helmet” and an electronic glove, they took turns to navigate their way through electronically-generated rooms containing a variety of objects including a telephone, football and umbrella.

The “sender” would then attempt to communicate the items they had selected to their partner receiver, who could pick from a variety of objects by opening doors and cupboards in the same virtual world.

Over the next few months researchers will painstakingly analyse all the data they have obtained and the results will be contained in scientific papers that should be published by the end of the year.

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