What is the Power of Mind

If you’re like most people in today’s world, you don’t think about your mind very much. You may pay attention to things like the latest news on whether or not cell phones cause brain cancer, but other than that, your brain is probably very low on your list of priorities.

In actuality, your mind should be something that you devote much more time to. Given the fast-paced world we live in, we tend to forget how much our minds can do for us. We depend on outside influences for almost everything. This is a mistake, since studies have shown that most people only use a small percentage of their brains. With most of our brains simply sitting dormant, doesn’t it make you wonder just what we might be capable of doing if we engaged them fully?

The Conscious Mind


Our conscious minds are what we deal with all the time. We think with them, create ideas, and plan for the future. You’re reading this right now using your conscious mind.

Part of the power of the mind is taking control of your conscious thoughts. Most people talk in a very negative manner to and about themselves without even realizing it. Part of this is conditioning. Today we are expected to be the fastest, the most thorough, and the best at everything we do. When we fall short of these impossible expectations, we tend to berate ourselves.

Over time, all this negative self-talk takes its toll. Science is beginning to realize that how we talk and think about ourselves has a very real impact on our health, our happiness, and our lives in general.

Re-framing all these negative thoughts its the key to releasing a very simple power of the mind: the power of positive thinking. This is an easy concept, but it can be hard to implement properly. It’s necessary to re-frame every negative thought we have into something positive. If you really can’t think of a positive side to the situation you’re thinking about, think about something in your life that is positive.

This must be done diligently, every time a negative thought occurs, to yield optimum results. After a while, our brains become trained to accept and believe positive thoughts. This is exactly the same way we learned years ago to accept and believe the negative thoughts. This process requires dedication, but with steady use, this technique can unleash the power of the mind to transform seemingly overwhelming obstacles into problems that can be fixed. It’s all a matter of perspective!

The Subconscious Mind


Our subconscious minds are what regulate our bodily functions like breathing. They create our dreams as we sleep, and they take in every single bit of information that we encounter. Think about how much information is flying at us these days, from every television show, internet website, and magazine. Imagine what this part of our mind can do for us if we harness its energy.

After all, it operates subconsciously. It has been designed to do several things, and it’s used to operating without any interference from our conscious minds.

However, it is possible to change how the subconscious works. Positive thinking is a wonderful example of how the subconscious can be trained. From birth, all the messages we receive go into our subconscious. Over time, we develop automatic responses to certain things. Accepting negative thoughts is an example of this. Imagine how our lives could change if our subconscious minds refused to accept negative thought!

Affirmations are a wonderful example of how we can consciously adjust our subconscious minds. This sounds more complicated than it is.

Positive affirmations are simple positive statements, geared toward any part of our lives that we desire change in. Health, love and finance are common subjects for affirmations. Affirmations are always positive, and they are always said in the present tense. For example “I want to be happy” would not work. The subconscious does not respond to negative messages, or to requests. It can only be told what to do. A much better way to word this affirmation would be “I am a happy person, and I seek out happiness in every aspect of my life.”

By working on both parts of our minds, we can create astonishing change in our lives, and live much more peaceful and happy lives.