Bad Vibes Might Ruin Your Computer

I have a relative who just can’t seem to keep her computer working. Since she received her new laptop it’s gone bust 3 times in 3 years. Circuits would fry, CD drives would stop working and Windows and would spit our annoying errors and crash just before important deadline.

This article I found may explain why. It seems according to a study at Princeton University, some people may be negatively influencing their computers with their minds.

“Some people seem to carry a computer curse, frustrated by a plague of viruses, hard-drive failures, power surges and software conflicts that appear and disappear without rational explanation.

They blame their machines and suffer the scorn of others who accuse them of doing something wrong. But researchers at Princeton University may have an explanation: these computer users, it seems, could be sending out bad vibes.

There are some people who seem to have a natural rapport with computers and other complex machines, and there are other people who seem to manage to break everything even without touching it,” said York Dobyns, analytical co-ordinator at Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR).”

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