Beat 9 Chess Players Simultaneously!

In this amazing segment from our favorite mentalists, Derren Brown, he demonstrates how he uses neurolingustic programming to beat 9 chess players SIMULTANEOUSLY! He’ll even show you how it’s done! Absolutely incredible!

The Secret of Mathematics: Daydreaming

Here’s an awesome article I just read from staff-writer Kenn Rodriguez from the Valencia County News-Bulletin. It’s really encouraging to hear about active visualization and mind-developing techniques in today’s classrooms!   Daydreaming? Creativity? It’s part of their math lesson After being introduced by teacher Elizabeth Gomez, Holly Davis talks a bit to Gomez’ fifth-grade class… Read More »

The Art of Visualization and Imagination for Self-Healing

By Dr. Aretoula Fullam Visualization is the ability to recall and relive something you experienced before, either visually, auditory or kinesthetically. Visualization and guided imagery are two of the most powerful healing powers of your mind. Imagination is creating something with your mind that does not exist or existed before. Imagination is the beginning of… Read More »

Hotel Maids Challenge the Placebo Effect

What Matter’s the Most Is What Your Mind Tells You   The holidays are finally over and your waistline is as overstretched as your credit card. It’s time to take action! What should you do? A) Hit the gym. B) Make a solemn pledge to never ingest another sweet for as long as you live.… Read More »

The Passion Test: Chris and Janet Attwood on the Morning Show

Chris and Janet Attwood Discuss The Passion Test on the Morning Show A few entries ago, some personal friends of mine, Chris and Janet Attwood released their book “The Passion Test” which surged very quickly up many bestseller lists around the world. In this enlightening video, Chris and Janet talk about how The Passion Test… Read More »

Karol Zelazny: Interviewed on Jabbercast

The Path of a Silva Instructor   Recently, a good friend of mine, Karol Zelazny was intervied on Jabbercast by BigJD, an internet radio DJ and former student of Karol’s. In the interview, Karol talks about the Silva Method and what the incredible benefits that people can have from this system. Find out how a… Read More »

Handwriting vs Typing: The Showdown

5 Reason you should ditch your keyboard and start hand-writing!   As information technology starts entering our everyday lives more and more, and as information workers like myself start working more and more on keyboards instead of writing on paper. Are there any benefits left to handwriting? I decided to conduct an experiment, where I… Read More »

The Science of Cuteness!

Can you imagine that there is an entire science surrounding the study of CUTENESS? According to scientists, what we perceive as cute indicate “extreme youth, vulnerability, harmlessness, and need”. Apparently this makes evolutionary sense as well, what we determine to be cute INSTANTLY get our attentions, like a suckling baby or a helpless puppy! Cuteness… Read More »

Burt Goldman: Visualizing Confidence

Shy People and Golden Images One of the most fascinating and succinct videos from The American Monk. Burt Goldman teaches us about the volume at which we think and how the ‘loudness’ of our visualizations can affect us a people. Here, Burt relates a story of a very shy woman, and how she eventually transforms… Read More »