The Art of Visualization and Imagination for Self-Healing

By Dr. Aretoula Fullam

Visualization is the ability to recall and relive something you experienced before, either visually, auditory or kinesthetically. Visualization and guided imagery are two of the most powerful healing powers of your mind. Imagination is creating something with your mind that does not exist or existed before. Imagination is the beginning of the creative process. In creation, all you need to do is to use your imagination for some astonishing results, provided you keep your logical thinking under your control so it will not interfere with what you want to create. Your mind is a faculty of human intelligence, as seeing and hearing are faculties of your eyes and ears. Seeing and hearing are faculties of biological intelligence, your objective self. Your mind and the ability to think is a faculty of human intelligence, which is your subjective self. Harmony and balance between the subjective and the objective self is perfect health.

In the Silva Life System you learn to direct and rule your mind, thus converting a process from “psychosomatic illness” to “psychosomatic health.”

With visualization you are able to heal yourself by learning first to relax completely physically and mentally so no thoughts or bodily functions interfere with your mental work. In the Silva Method Life System training this is very easy as it is repeated many times throughout the two-day training that people become masters of it before the end of the first day. The second step is to visualize the problem, the unwanted situation by creating a mental picture of what it looks like or what it feels like, and keep the picture in your mind’s eye to make a good study of it. This is acknowledging the existing situation, or the psychosomatic problem that we need to correct. This is visualizing the existing situation that you want to get rid of. The next step is to create a strong and clear picture to the left of the picture with the problem, that depicts the outcome you want. You make a good study of the solution you feel the outcome as if you have it now. You imagine that you are already living the successful achievement of your goal. This is converting your problem into a project by turning it into psychosomatic health. You spice it with your belief that what you are living with your imagination is true, and your true reality. From then on, you visualize your imagined solution, every day and with your mind you are living your new reality. Your desire, belief and expectancy of the desired end result, which you already created in your mind, will channel the creative force at the quantum level of energy to guide and direct the creative force to attract the thing you want. This is what Dr. Jose Silva called self-mind control, or self mind discipline.

This process can be used for anything, such as health, gaining material possessions, increasing your income, attracting your soul mate, etc. In this article I will focus on healing. Once you understand the process then you can adjust your visualization and imagination for other things you want using the same guidelines.

For a serious problem use 15 minutes three times a day, preferably in the morning when you wake up, in the evening before you retire, and at noon, after lunch. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths as you learn in the Silva Method and relax physically and mentally as you center yourself. Visit your ideal place of relaxation and feel the relaxation as worries and anxieties melt away. Visualize yourself in complete physical and mental tranquility as you feel pure energy entering the top of your head and slowly moving down through your whole body to your toes.

As you breath in, inhale, feel and visualize the pure healing energy becoming brighter and brighter, circulating in every organ, in every tissue, in every gland, in every cell of your body. As you breach out, exhale all worries, all anxieties, all fear, all illness and dis-ease from your being as smoke or cloud dissolving and disappearing away into the air and in to the universe, having no control over you. Continue to do this for several minutes visualizing the illness turning into smoke and disappearing into the air. Stay focused as you are visualizing the smoke disappearing. Imagine your body glowing from radiant light, energized, vibrating health. Imagine yourself happy and joyful, doing the things you love doing.

Another type of visualization for healing is to imagine within your belief system, something taking the illness away. For example, if it is a tumor, imagine an angel taking it away, or if an angel is not working for you, imagine a bird, or a polar bear eating a donut or something representing the tumor, until the “thing” they eat, is completely eaten and disappeared. Or imagine laser beams burning the tumor until is completely gone. Or imagine chemotherapy as a light that turns the tumor into a liquid that is washed out of your body as urine. Use your imagination, your creativity, your imagery guided by you, at the relaxed level of your mind to rid yourself of what the problem is. Imagine yourself enjoying the end result you created. Imagine yourself completely healed. Feel happiness and joy for being healthy. Imagine yourself dong all the things you love to do as you enjoy being healthy. Visit your ideal place of relaxation and allow yourself to do things with others you value, involve your mental senses and allow them to bring information to you that you enjoy, to hear the sounds of nature, to smell fragrances, to taste, smell and touch what you love. Use all your senses and your mind to enjoy your life to the fullest as you created it with your mind.

From then on, visualize what you created with your imagination and live it every day, every moment without ever revisiting the problem again. It is gone, is past. You visualize the imagined solution as you created it, three times a day, and you live your life as if you already have attracted your desired end result.

The same process can be used to improve relationships, to manifest a better job, to attract business, to improve sales, to perfect the tennis suing or any athletic sport, to improve memory and concentration, to change a behavior, to eliminate bad habits, to help your children with hyperactivity or attention deficit, or anything else you want. The key is to visualize the problem, imagine the solution and visualize the imagined end result. If your imagination in correcting the problem is exaggerated basking in the light and glory or the desired end result with lots of feeling in it, the better, as in your mind you already have what you want. Repeat this every day and do not be concerned how or when it will happen. The stronger your desire, belief and expectancy the faster and easier will be to manifest your dream. Just be certain that your guidance of the energy at the creative level will be channeled to create what you desire to create, belief to have, and expect to happen.

This is the science of Conscious Creation so you can enjoy health, wholeness, balance and the life you want to live to the fullest!

PS. Please note that we do not suggest to rely only on this method for self-healing; continue your treatment under your doctor’s supervision and do this in parallel. Creative visualization speeds up recovery and healing but is not replacing traditional medicine.

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