The Passion Test: Chris and Janet Attwood on the Morning Show

Chris and Janet Attwood Discuss The Passion Test on the Morning Show

A few entries ago, some personal friends of mine, Chris and Janet Attwood released their book “The Passion Test” which surged very quickly up many bestseller lists around the world.

In this enlightening video, Chris and Janet talk about how The Passion Test unlocks our true passions and can lead anyone to discover their true destinies.

Find it hard to believe? Check out what Chris and Janet have to say about the Passion Test and how it can dramatically change the way you look at your life!

Jack Canfield said, it “changed the way I have lived the past year.”

Jay Abraham said, “it is unlike anything anyone has ever exposed me to.”

T. Harv Eker said, it will help you “get clear on who you are.”

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