Extreme High Stress and Meditation – How Traffic Wardens are Reaping the Benefits!

Meditation: The Perfect Remedy for Extremely Stressful Jobs

After a hard day slapping tickets on parked cars and absorbing the abuse of irate motorists Edinburgh’s traffic wardens are being encouraged to meditate their troubles away.


The “blue meanies,” as they are known in the Scottish capital, are to be offered stress therapy to help them cope with their thankless task.

ACPOA Parking, the company that hires wardens in the city, said it was in negotiations with a firm that offered stress management sessions, including shamanic meditation which uses drumming to send people into a trance.

“The job is quite stressful and staff have been asking for this service for quite some time,” said contract manager Hector Saunders.

ACPOA said more support was needed for those working to keep the city’s congested roads clear. Last week APCOA ordered its 80 wardens off the streets after a death threat was broadcast over personal radios, and in another incident a warden was assaulted.

The company said it would pay for the £3,000 a year therapy. Edinburgh council has backed the stress-reduction initiative.

In some parts of the country, meanwhile, the vilification of traffic wardens has become so bad that they have been issued with body armour.

More than 30 police forces have handed out bullet and stab-proof vests to protect wardens from angry drivers.

In Hartlepool it is mandatory for wardens to wear vests while on duty.