Law of Attraction: Improve and Accelerate Segment Intending

In Esther and Jerry Hick’s Book, The Law of Attraction, widely featured in the original version of The Secret, describes a process to improve the manifestation process through ’segmenting’ life in stages and intending the things that you desire at a smaller scale in order to achieve the BIG goals.

Breaking up the big goals into smaller goals make them easier to achieve. Having successfully accomplished a smaller goal also adds to motivates to accomplish other goals as well. Its a great cycle of success!

Here’s a great visualization trick that I use frequently in order to experience and hold on the emotions of HAVING WHAT I WANT, and in turn use to improve and accelerate the process of segment intending.

Step 1: Identify the Segment

First identify the segment of your life that you will be entering.

For example:

It’s Monday morning after a relaxing weekend and a potential client is expecting to meet you for a presentation on an important project. You are riding the elevator up to her office and even though have already rehearsed the presentation, feel a little nervous about the meeting.

Step 2: Enter the Space

Close your eyes and visualize a space which you feel most comfortable in. I usually imagine my dream house, a lovely beach-front cottage on a breezy Sunset. The space that you choose to visualize yourself in must bring you a sense of calm and overwhelming joy to be in.

Experience how it feels to be in this space and prepare yourself to do a little work.

Step 3: What do you want from the Segment

While in your space, ask yourself what you want from this Segment.

For example (based on the above):

I want to give a flawless presentation.
I want a signed contract from a happy, grateful, and optimistic client.

Now that you have identified what you want, we must deliberately intend it to happen…

Step 4: Visualize and Experience what you want

In your space, imagine the events of your desires as reality. For example, the feeling of giving a flawless presentation and how confident and clear it was. Or what it feel like as a client signs on the contract and gives you a warm handshake.

Experience the emotions that you would feel as you visualize this. And as much as possible, experience the emotions right down to the smallest detail.
Experience how these emotions affects you physically as well, once again to the smallest detail. How do your hands feel? Are they warm? How does your stomach feel? Are there butterflies?

How does feel to HAVE what you WANT?


Now, fully experiencing these emotions, consciously submit your request to the Universe; ALLOW your manifestation happen whole-heartedly.

Open your eyes – and begin living the Segment as you WANT and HAVE. And what you visualize will surely come to you as much as your heart desires.

Share with us some of your creative visualizations of your space and your manifestations! We would love to hear about your success stories and your own personalized techniques on how you improve and accelerate your segment intending!

Want to know more about Esther Hicks? Check out Oprah’s interview with her on The Secret and The Laws of Attraction.