Oprah Winfrey Interviews Esther Hicks on the Law of Attraction and Her Being Cut from “The Secret”

I was quite annoyed to see that Esther Hicks was edited out of the movie The Secret. TheSecretNotes.com has the full story.

It is my belief that The Secret is NOT based on the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles. It simply could not have been!

The Science of Getting Rich is a book from 1910 – brilliant for its time – but obsolete, poorly written and long-winded by today’s standards. I wrote a one page summary of it – judge for yourself.

Instead, I believe Rhonda developed the Secret and was influenced not by the Science of Getting Rich but by the books by Esther Hicks. After all, Esther Hicks was originally supposed to get 10% of revenues from the Secret. (see this post).

Instead I believe that due to the Secret’s amazing popularity, contractual business dealings got in the way. The Secret was re-edited to exclude Esther Hicks and the idea that the film was based on the Science of Getting Rich was substituted in.

Why the Science of Getting Rich?  Purely a business decision.

Well it was written in 1910 – the book is now in the public domain, which means that ANYONE can publish or edit the book without paying royalties. This of course, made it an excellent choice.

Pic Below: Esther and husband Jerry Hicks

Now I am not suggesting that the producers of the Secret dumped Esther and picked The Science of Getting Rich so they could keep a larger chunk of their profits. It could have been a reasonable business decision because Esther’s book sometimes deals with the supernatural, particular her conversations with the entity Abraham. Something like that is not going to be consumed by a wide market (although I see nothing wrong with it).

I think Rhonda Byrne and her crew are wonderfully good people and they have performed a great service to the world by packaging the Secret in such a way that the world was ready to wake up to it. Even Esther Hicks – on her website, mentions that there is no ill will.  Although Esther does say – she felt she and her husband were “drawn in, utilized and then discarded”.

But it is a shame to see the Secret cut out Esther – both from the film and from her share of the revenue pie.

The fact should not be hidden from the public. Ester Hicks’ book is clearly the motivator for Rhonda’s film. And you should go out and BUY that book.

I would give the book “The Secret” a rating of 3 out of 5.
But I would give Ester Hicks’s “Law of Attraction” a 5 out of 5.

Read both books and judge for yourself. One feels like spiritual truth – the other like modern-day pop-culture psychology.

Esther Hicks is truly one of the greatest teachers I have come across (along with Jose Silva, Neale Donald Walsch and Bob Proctor).

Thank You Esther!

Now About Oprah’s Interview with Esther Hicks

In the interview Ester discusses how she met Rhonda Byrne of the Secret, how she and her husband met Jane Roberts of the Seth Book, and how she later learned to channel Abraham and wrote Ask And It is Given and The Law of Attraction.

There are 2 parts and you can listen to them from the link below. (audios courtesy of  AttractionHacker.com)

Part 1: Oprah Interviews Esther on the Secret

Part 2: Oprah Interviews Esther on Why She Was Cut from the Secret + Esther Channels Abraham.

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PS – fellow bloggers. If you share by gratitude to Esther Hicks, please feel free to syndicate this post. It’s our way of thanking Esther by drawing attention to her book and her truly beautiful work which we feel needs to be brought to people’s attention.