Spread Positivity All Around

The strength of positive thinking is a tool that makes one’s life brighter and more positive. Positive thoughts make you have good health, good relationships and happiness. A good life cannot be achieved by having positive approach for a few minutes instead; you need to have positive thoughts throughout your life. You should submit your… Read More »

Spiritual guidance help

You might have heard about higher self but you may not have any idea about it and how it is beneficial for you. If this is the case then there is something really special for you to understand because higher self is linked with your own soul or can be regarded as your spirit. If… Read More »

Introducing a New Transformational Film- RevoLOUtion

Bret Carr moved to Los Angeles and began work as a street artist painting pictures on rice grains for tourists. But his real ambition was to make movies that change people’s lives. And the movie that he created, RevoLOUtion – is now changing people’s lives. In April 2006 the transformational epic movie Revoloution was released… Read More »

Low self-esteem ‘shrinks brain’ (What?)

I did a double-take when I read the headline. I found this on the BBC website last night, and I re-read the page just to make sure it wasn’t some tabloid journalism. Tell me what you think? Looking for more information about this turned up really little. Do any of you know if there’s any… Read More »

Importance Of Psychic Powers Development

When it comes of psychic powers development, it totally relies on what you want to develop.  Psychic powers are the god-gifted abilities that vary from person to person and are present by birth. This is also true that everybody has some psychic powers which are often hidden and people don’t know about their presence. However… Read More »

How to stop negative thoughts

There’s an old saying that “the fight is won and lost before either army enters the field.” More often than not we are defeated by our negative thoughts well before we actually fail at achieving our goals in life. Thoughts are powerful things, and thoughts that revolve around why the supposed reasons why something won’t… Read More »

How to improve self esteem with superb affirmations

People usually get themselves in severe life complications and they just can’t get out of those complications due to several reasons. Their thinking and the ability to think is one of the major reasons behind it and if one is not thinking properly then it will be really hard for him to attain results according… Read More »

Hotel Maids Challenge the Placebo Effect

What Matter’s the Most Is What Your Mind Tells You   The holidays are finally over and your waistline is as overstretched as your credit card. It’s time to take action! What should you do? A) Hit the gym. B) Make a solemn pledge to never ingest another sweet for as long as you live.… Read More »

Great Memory Improvement Tips For Great Minds

Memory improvement is not a challenge; it can be improved by learning simple memory improvement tips. Memorization can be tough most of the time but it is easily possible to get it better and uphold a good memory power. It is really recommended to learn couple of memory improvement tips so you can perk up… Read More »

Good memorization techniques

There are 3 unique levels of memory which acts differently in various situations. One of the small memory levels is the instant memory which only stays from a few instants and this will just create a slight visualization in your mind for a second. This particular memory level is not utilized on regular basis for… Read More »