Introducing a New Transformational Film- RevoLOUtion

Bret Carr moved to Los Angeles and began work as a street artist painting pictures on rice grains for tourists. But his real ambition was to make movies that change people’s lives.

And the movie that he created, RevoLOUtion – is now changing people’s lives.

In April 2006 the transformational epic movie Revoloution was released to the general public.

Filmmaker Bret Carr stars in and directs the movie and his inspirational story both on and off the screen is stuff only dreams are made of.

RevoLOUtion is the fictional story of Lou, a stuttering ex-boxer who can only speak normally when starting trouble protecting the Brooklyn neighborhood in which he lives. Lou transforms from violent, extreme stutterer into a great, powerful communicator.

It is structured around an ancient rite of passage, and creates powerful transformational effects with numerous members of viewers.

Awareness magazine note:

“The viewer so identifies with Carr’s Oscar Caliber performance, that they are taken on a near death psychological journey with “Lou”, and come out having had their own awakening.”

Check out the YouTube video below for the trailer and audience reactions.

The phenomenal impact the movie has had on real people’s lives:

check out the revoLOUtion website>>