Do Schools Kill Our Kids’ Creativity?

This is a truly gripping 20 minute speech which seeks to put all the wrong doings of education right by cultivating our children’s creativity rather than killing it.

Sir Ken Robinson, knighted by the Queen in 2003 for achievements in creativity, education and the arts, is an English gentleman with a charming wit and repartee that has an amazing vision to harvest creativity and create an amazing future for the world. He believes that CREATIVITY is as important as LITERACY and should be treated with the same status.

Ken Robinson, who lived in Stratford Upon Avon the home of Shakespeare for many years, begins by demonstrating the amazing creativity of children with numerous funny quips.

He shares a story of a 6 year old little girl who pays no attention in class except when she can draw. The Teacher asks what she is drawing and she claims to be drawing God:

The teacher asks: “BUT nobody knows what God looks like”

The girl replies “They will do in a minute”

This quip literally illustrates how children have no limits to their levels of creativity. Most kids are fearless and are never ever frightened to make mistakes. This leads to out of this world creativity. HOWEVER, our current education systems worldwide are making children lose this capacity to be creative.

You will literally be glued to the screen in this riveting 20 minute video

After you have viewed this clip I invite you to just imagine how much wonderful change we could bring to this world if we truly embraced these teachings!

I’m sure you’ll agree that Ken delivers a highly entertaining, and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, rather than undermining it.

Picasso once said:

All children are born artists, the problem is remaining an artist as we grow up.

This is the problem that Ken outlines quite brilliantly in his speech. We don’t grow into creativity, We grow out of it. In fact Ken argues we are educated out of creativity.