5 Misconceptions About Meditation

I’m writing this in response to a few questions about the misconceptions about meditation in the hope that I can clarify what meditation can do for people who are looking some straight forward ways to better relaxation, mental focus, and reduced stress!

So – You want to start meditating?


It’s a religious / spiritual experience

Meditation allows your MIND to enter a state of awareness or mindfulness. Meditation, if anything helps you become more aware of what our over-cluttered minds are thinking. Think about it like organizing a messy drawer of socks, or organizing your refrigerator. Meditation helps us take inventory of what floats about in our minds, and sometimes what to do with those thoughts too!

Some say, that this relaxed state, is the same state that’s used by hypnotherapists, like Roberta Temes, to help people solve a whole host of issues like Weight Loss and increasing Productivity.

However, if you’d like a religious of spiritual experience. There are plenty of schools of thought that can help you accomplish this — BUT ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE IT!

I need to wear tights / robes / and shave my head

Meditation, like any other exercise, requires effort. Like in running a marathon, there’s effort involved in your muscles, breathing, and even clothes you wear.

However, unlike any other exercise, meditation only requires 1 piece of equipment: your mind. Meditation requires you to be in a comfortable posture that can help you go into a deepened mental state, thats all. No spandex required.

Take a look at Burt Goldman, he may not be dressed like some guru or yogi, but he’s mastered how to focus his mind like one!

I’ve got no time to meditate. And I don’t want to sit on a mountain asking for the “secret to life”

Meditation takes as long as YOU WANT. It can be as short as a 5-minute session, or it can be as long as a few days. Take as long as you require to accomplish the results that you want. But don’t feel forced to become a hermit in a jungle meditating for days on end if you don’t WANT to.

For example, Jose Silva, the Mexican-American, who introduced dynamic meditation to the Western World. His methodology only requires short amounts of time to accomplish HUGE results.

Sitting cross-legged and headstands give me muscle pains and gas

Then DON’T.

Meditation and Hatha Yoga, although sharing a few common philosophies, are two different techniques. Hatha Yoga, with their handstands, ploughs, and other advanced positions requires physical control. Meditation, on the other hand, only requires the your mind.

However, with that said, if you are interested in increasing your physical well-being, Hatha Yoga is a great way to accompany meditation.

There are SO many ways you can meditate easily and simply too!

I have to be a hippie to meditate

Many major corporations encourage the use of meditation to reduce stress in working environments. In fact, many insurance companies are offering reduced premiums if their policy holders start meditating.

You don’t need to be vegetarian or become an eco-terrorist to meditate.

Anyone can meditate.

And all YOU need – is your mind!

If you have any additional misconceptions you’d like to clarify, leave us a comment. Tell us what you think!

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