How to Start Embracing Change

Change HAPPENS! Here’s 5 solid tips on how you can start embracing life’s sudden diversions.


Ever had a day where you woke up feeling ’stuck’? Has life thrown you an irony that’s totally thrown your life as you know it completely off course? Want to know how to deal with it?

More than likely, if your reading Mindhacks, you’ve probably made a conscious or a subconscious decision to begin working on yourself. Sure, this blog is FILLED with fantastic resources to start you on that journey; but in order to benefit the most from all this great information, you will first need to start embracing change.

Here are five great tips to help you regain your direction!

1. Drop the Drama

The more drama that we involve ourselves in makes it more difficult to adapt when change happens to us. If you look at it from a broader perspective, who really WANTS a complicated life anyway? But we have been conditioned to feel that complications are necessary, and there are MANY reasons for them too! Sometimes, drama makes us feel needed, or special. Sometimes it may be a belief that the drama is forced upon us, or that it’s an obligation. Learning to detach yourself from the dramatic baggage will make it easier for you to bend when the time calls for it.

2. Adapt! The Plan VS the Goal

Someone once told me, that it doesn’t matter HOW you get to a destination, as long as you get to your destination. Sometimes, the best laid plans can fail – and for those of us who are rigidly attached to a plan get hurt the most. Change this mindset, lose your attachment to the plan, instead, become attached to the goal. Esther Hicks, from the Law of Attraction, reminds us that with clear intentions and goals – as well as a positive outlook ‘attracting’ what we want – can help you become more aware of the actions you need to take to attain your goal. But don’t forget, change and attraction take effort. Make a choice to WANT your goal, then make another choice to take actions to move towards that goal. Everything else will fall into place.

3. Live Simple

Make a choice to live a simple life. No, I’m not telling you to discard all your material possessions and join a monastery. I’m telling you to try and simplify the complicated situations that we place ourselves in. For example, juggling balances between 5 credit cards, while managing a family, paying off a mortgage, and repairing your car is NOT a simple existence. This kind of life is complicated, because it is not organized. ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen is a great book on how to simplify our tremendously overloaded lives through an easy to use method that is more common sense than anything else. According to Allen, having a clear mind also reduces stress, blood pressure, and alleviates plenty of headaches.

4. Look Forward

Change brings new energies into our lives. Without change, we would be living very boring lives. Choose to EMBRACE Change! Change brings new lessons, good or bad. Change keeps you on your toes, stopping you from becoming complacent. Choose to WANT positive change in your life, and know that will each new adventure Change brings, you can be one step closer to attaining what you really want in life. Change happens, whether you like it or not. It’s one of those truths in our lives. Life itself is about change. Burt Goldman, who is over 80 years old embraces change even now, his website, the American Monk has many great examples on how he allowed change into his life, and how these conscious changes have led him to learn under great mind-power masters such as Yogananda and Jose Silva, and become an International Hall-of-Fame photographer.

5. Choose!

Change is not always about fate throwing us a curve ball. We can USE change to our own advantage too. Making lifestyle decisions such as quitting smoking or eating healthier are examples of self-initated change. Making a conscious decisions to change can be a powerful experience that comes with knowing what you want in your life. But you might say, “I can’t quite smoking or go on a diet because I’m so used to it!” – SPARE ME THE DRAMA! – If you WANT change, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you embrace the change that you want in your life. Weight-loss Hypnotists like Dr. Roberta Temes have great guides that can help you re-inforce this decision to CHANGE.

One of the most powerful things that the mind is capable of is ADAPTATION. People who have mastered the art of bending with the blows have even managed to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Take for example, Mahatma Ghandi, who’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the World.” is an example of how conscious decisions from one man can bring about a whole lot of change. And with that,

I wish you great success in embracing the joys of change in your life.