Qi Gong Healing by Burt Goldman, “The American Monk”

We dug up an old video of Burt Goldman, the famous Silva Method instructor and master of multiple healing arts. In this 2:37 minute video, Burt explains the Chinese art of Qi Gong and demonstrates how he uses it to heal a lady of a persistent pain in the knee.

Burt explains that all healing comes from within – he is not the healer – he simply lets the lady’s own mind do the trick.

He explains that the best healings occur fast – within seconds.

What I found remarkable about the clip is how fast it took Burt to actually apply the Qi Gong healing to his subject.

Watch it and learn from a master.

Some Hot New Info on Burt

By the way, Burt Goldman just turned 83 years old!

And a new site is being launched where Burt is going to start sharing his years of teachings and wisdom with the world.