Everyone Has A Genius Inside Them – Miracles Can Happen!

Editor’s Note: Creativity is such an amazing facet that we all possess as human beings; the untapped potential of the human mind is infinite. Following on from other themes I dug up this fascinating article that looks at different forms of creative thinking – we should move from ‘thinking out of the box’ to ‘no box thinking’

Learn to Tap the Genius Within

Sushma Mohan

Innovation is the key to competitiveness, said President APJ Abdul Kalam recently. And thinking creatively is just what Ay Thomas Louies teaches in his training programmes which are popular among corporate giants.

Connecting to the Infinite

Though world-renowned music composer Beethoven suffered from a hearing disorder, the music he created mesmerised people. How was it possible? “That was because he was connected to the infinite, and therefore he didn’t need his five senses to create his music,” says Ay Thomas Louies, founder of the Morpho Thinkers, a training academy that propounds human consciousness as the ultimate reality.

No Box Thinking

“Everyone is familiar with the idea of out-of-the-box thinking, which simply means a non-traditional way of solving a problem. But what we are stressing upon is the need for no-box thinking which lays in the hands of man the power of infinite possibilities, the power to do anything,” explains Thomas, whose other fields of interest cover palmistry, graphology, hypnosis, vastu, reiki, pranic healing and kriya yoga among others.

Elaborating the concept of no-box thinking, Thomas says:

“Every person in this world has a genius hidden in him. Every one is like a Pentium 10 processor that is yet to be invented, with a vast potential to do things even beyond one’s imagination. All one has to do is to…tap the higher intelligence that has the ability to make miracles happen.”


The methodology developed by Thomas to help one achieve this encompasses the mind, body and soul. “My technique enables one to establish a conscious connection with the higher intelligence and then choose the belief system to interpret what is received through that channel,” Thomas explains.

In his training session, Thomas teaches his students how to take the mind to that optimum level where there is no limit to what one can achieve. He uses active meditation and yoga to further increase the effectiveness of the training.

 Works With Corporate Giants

A qualified engineer with an MBA in marketing and finance from the Institute of Business Administration and Training, Bhubaneshwar, Thomas’ training package — Accessing Higher Intelligence — has already found demand among corporate giants like Godrej, Shell Castrol and ICICI Prudential, among others.

Thomas says, “Unlike earlier times when creativity was generally linked to what researchers, inventors, scientists and artists did, in the current competitive world, the need for creativity is greater in every field. Everyone now is looking for new solutions to old problems. This is possible through no-box thinking.”


Morpho Genetic Field

According to him, what sets one individual apart from the other is his/her ability to tap the universal intelligence. “You can call that higher intelligence the Brahma, God or the Collective Consciousness. The scientists have named it the Morpho Genetic Field — the space filled with intelligence. If you take any two atoms, the space proportional to the space between the two atoms is equal to the space proportional to the space between two galaxies.

This shows the immense potential hidden even in the minutest component of the universe, utilising which, what one can achieve is only limited by one’s power of imagination,” he adds.

In the workshops conducted by Thomas, the students are taught to reach the alpha state of mind (to access the infinite field of intelligence) through various techniques like Morpho Breathing, Art X and F Square.

Morpho Breathing requires the person to concentrate on the breathing cycle with focus on the third eye. With proper training and constant practice one can reach the alpha state.
The next technique, Art X enables one to reach the alpha state through auto-suggestion. Besides this, F Square (Focal Focus) dwells on synergising energy to reach the alpha state.

Thomas Alva Edison once said, “Ideas come from space. Most of my ideas have come to me through intuition.” This statement by one of the world’s greatest inventors says a lot about no-box thinking, feels Thomas.


Meditation Compared With No Box Thinking

Meditation is of immense help in developing one’s power of intuition and creativity. “But while with meditation you can improve your creative abilities by 25-30 per cent, the technique of no-box thinking helps you to take a 100 per cent leap as a creative individual,” claims Thomas.

The training package — Accessing Higher Intelligence — is available as either a session of two hours or for a whole day. Thomas conducts the workshops.

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