Is My Mind Playing Tricks on Me?

Can you believe anything your mind is telling you? Is your Mind Playing Tricks on You?

So what’s the answer to Is My Mind Playing Tricks on Me? . . . The answer to this question is sometimes it definitely is. You can usually believe everything your mind is telling you but often your brain just fills in the blanks and plays massive mind tricks on you.

This phenomena is wonderfully explained and illustrated in these 2 great videos. The brain plays tricks on even the most sophisticated of owners.

 ”You are not the authority on your consciousness that you think you are” – Dan Dennett

 Mind Playing Tricks on Me Part 1: Dan Dennett


Find out about your own warped sense of consciousness and see if you can spot the difference on the optical illusions.


(23 mins 45 secs)


Mind Playing Tricks on Me Part 2: Al Seckel


In this video Al Seckel illustrates that the way our brains have been wired or programmed can dramatically influence our power of perception.

(16 mins 30 secs)

Those clips go to prove that my mind is playing tricks on me. However surely there are phenomena that have to be to great for your mind to be simply playing tricks on you. There’s still clearly so much we need to learn about consciousness. How long will it be until we understand our own brain??

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