Alan Steinfeld Interviews Deepak Chopra

New Realities ( interviews Deepak Chopra about his book “The Love Poems of Rumi”. There are some beautiful moments here.

Deepak is a best-selling author of numerous books dealing with meditation, healing and new age consciousness.

This interview revolves around one of Chopra’s latest works – the Love Poems of a Rumi. In the interview Chopra discusses his views on “Love” and “God”.

For those of you interested in learning more, here’s a description of the book from Amazon.

Born Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi in Persia early in the thirteenth century, the poet known as Rumi (named after the city where he lived) composed works of mysticism and desire that inspired countless people in his own time and throughout the centuries. His poems expressed the deepest longings of the human heart for its beloved, for that transcendent intimacy which is the source of the divine.

This slender, beautiful volume consists of new translations by Farsi scholar Fereydoun Kia, edited by Deepak Chopra to evoke the rich mood and music of Rumi’s love poems. Exalted yearning, ravishing ecstasy, and consuming desire emerge from these poems as powerfully today as they did on their creation more than 700 years ago.

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